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What is an accumulative bank account?

An accumulative bank account is required to establish a private limited liability company in Lithuania. The account can only be used for deployment of authorized capital. No payments can be made from this account.

Why choose Guru Pay?

  1. You can open an account remotely;
  2. We make the onboarding process quick and stress-free;
  3. No bureaucracy;
  4. You can turn your accumulative account to a settlement account as soon as the company is registered (additional conditions may apply).

Once you are prepared to fill out the application form, be sure to have ready:

  1. Deed of Incorporation,
  2. Graphical structure of newly established company’s ownership and control.
  3. Corporate documents of all Incorporators (Business register/ Certificate of Incumbency).
    Please note that based on jurisdiction, documents may have to be certified with an Apostille or legalized
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