Bank Holidays


2021-11-01 All Saints Day
2021-11-02 All Souls‘ Day
2021-12-24 Christmas Eve
2021-12-25 – 2021-12-26 Christmas
2022-02-16 Day of Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania (1918)
2022-03-11 Day of Restitution of Independence of Lithuania (from Soviet Union, 1990)
 2022-04-18 Easter Monday
2022-06-24 St. John’s day (Day of Dew)
2022-07-06 Statehood Day (commemorates the coronation of the first King of Lithuania)
2022-08-15 Assumption Day (Day of Grass)
2022-11-01 – 2022-11-02 All Saints Day
2022-12-24 Christmas Eve
2022-12-25 – 2022-12-26 Christmas


All the dates mentioned are the Bank Holidays that fall on business days. Guru Pay team will not work during the holidays, thus the transactions processing time may be delayed. Please plan accordingly. In case you have any urgent issues, please reach out to us here.